In 1984, Tim Nay was offered an exciting opportunity when he was asked to join the Family Support Project of the Neurological Sciences Center at Good Samaritan Hospital. The Center had recently received a grant from Fred Meyer Charitable Trust. One of the great goals was to develop the concept of Elder Law in the Northwest and beyond.

As a result, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) was founded. Tim was the founding president of NAELA.

Tim advocated for the needs of his clients and seniors throughout the nation. Nay & Friedenberg continues to advocate locally and nationally to improve the lives of seniors and disabled clients.

Nay & Friedenberg single-handedly fought the federal government in the Peebler and Nay v. Reno, neutralizing the “Granny goes to jail” law.

Tim also held Oregon Department of Human Services accountable in Tim Nay v. Oregon DHS, a 2016 opinion of the Oregon Supreme Court.

As we worked with elders, it soon became clear that decisions made earlier in life profoundly affect the way things played out over the years. We have gradually expanded our areas of expertise, so that today Nay & Friedenberg is prepared to help people at all stages of life and in all kinds of relationships and plan for their futures.

“I feel I was treated with respect, honesty and kindness.”

— Judy M.

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