Founder Tim Nay came to the law as an experienced psychologist and licensed clinical social worker. As a result, making a positive difference in our clients’ lives is a hallmark of Nay & Friedenberg’s mission and culture.

Our staff are recruited and trained to offer kindness, understanding and patience to our clients, as evidenced by our clients’ comments in their five-star Google ratings, available online.

With over 132 years of combined Elder Law and Estate Planning experience, Nay & Friedenberg attorneys are compassionate, caring listeners who can understandably explain complex legal concepts and strategies.

Our documents are written to enable our clients to understand what they read, without a legal dictionary. We customize clients’ documents to fit their individual wishes, rather than forcing a “one size fits all” solution to their planning.

But the biggest difference between Nay & Friedenberg and other estate planners, as expressed by our clients, is our commitment to find creative, effective legal pathways to your peace of mind. Our most frequent source of referrals is satisfied clients.

Why Choose Us

We are all branches of a family tree.

Today, more than ever, planning one’s affairs may involve three or more generations of several family trees. Parents, children, stepchildren, grandchildren and life partners are often part of the planning.

Our approach to estate planning and elder law is to help generations work together without conflict. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our practice, from simple wills or living trusts to more complex matters like probate or Medicaid planning.

We are an estate planning and elder law firm that has been practicing law for over 35 years and are one of the most experienced elder law and estate planning firms in Portland, Oregon.

Our capable, friendly staff is committed to guiding you through each step of your planning – from your first call to our last contact after our work is done.

Our attorneys will listen carefully to your concerns, answer your questions thoroughly, and will present the best solutions that help you reach your goals. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients.

For more information about what we do – we’ve even written a detailed Estate Planning and Elder Law Guide. This Free Guide covers many of the Legal and Financial issues that families must cope with – and it will answer many of your questions as well.

For instance, the guide details:

  • What Decisions You Will Face Regarding Your Finances and Healthcare
  • How to Make Sure Your Money and Possessions Go Where You Want
  • What You Must Do To Avoid the High Costs and Delays of Probate
  • Six Ways To Reduce or Eliminate Estate Taxes
  • How To Plan For Long Term Health and Medical Care

Request a free copy of the Guide.

“I met with Brett to learn about Medicaid options for my father. Brett took the time to answer my questions and explained things very clearly. He was a pleasure to deal with!”

— Annette B.

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