Should I meet with an Elder Law Attorney before applying for Medicaid?

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The Medicaid application process can be confusing and is time-consuming. You may feel overwhelmed by all the information and advice you receive from well intentioned friends and family members. You may not even know what your rights are because you are not aware of the rules and regulations governing Medicaid eligibility. One of the most common mistakes is completing the Medicaid application incorrectly. This can be the result of not providing the right documentation or providing unnecessary information. If the application is denied based on faulty information you will have to request an administrative hearing to have a correct determination of eligibility.

Medicaid planning strategies are complicated. You need to understand your options, including permissible ways to transfer and protect assets, and the order of the steps you need to take. For example, if you begin a ‘spend down’ of assets too early you could miss out on the benefits of the spend down and also reduce the Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA).

Because Medicaid rules change frequently and planning strategies can be complicated, it is best to speak with an experienced Elder Law attorney prior to making a Medicaid application.

An experienced Elder Law attorney can help you understand Medicaid benefits and the application process. Contact the Elder Law attorneys with the Law Offices of Nay & Friedenberg in Portland, Oregon at (503) 245-0894 to set an appointment.

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